Let's Begin By Learning About Some Different Styles Below

It's Good to be informed on some different styles:

With so many different styles of photography out there and what they mean to each may differ, so I want to be clear on how I shoot and what style photos you will get if you choose to hire me.

Let me start by describing a few and if/how they apply to my style.

In the end I hope this will help inform you of some of the differences between these styles and how I capture moments as well as what you will be getting in hiring me and the final outcome.

Let's start with a description of each below:

The Wedding photography styles I will be describing include:








Wedding photojournalists are photographic storytellers. They tell the story of your wedding by documenting the day as it unfolds without manipulation or direction from the photographer.

As an observer, the wedding photojournalist captures natural occurring moments as they unfold without staging the scene or instructing the clients. A true photojournalist will give no direction, but will merely document the day as it happens. They won't set up family portraits or posed portraits or move the bride, for example, into better light as she's getting ready.

So don't expect to get those posed or directed formal shots you may be expecting with this style.

What you get will be completely raw, real and natural often with some dramatic lighting or a variance in different light throughout the day.

*Note: the shot above was completely natural and real and was captured as it unfolded without interference or direction

(as if the photographer wasn't even in the room)

A true photojournalist sees the shot just before it happens and is able to quickly capture it as it unfolds.. a true talent.



This style is photojournalism redefined. It's mostly a photojournalism approach and is meant for all of the images to look as if they were documented in a photojournalism way, however this style adds the fact that the photographer will direct, style and set the scene for some shots, but definitely not all.

There will most likely be little direction throughout the day. It has the same documented feel of photojournalism but with the "formal" portraits looking completely as natural as possible.

You may not get well posed "traditional" family portraits with this style, but you may get family portraits, for example, in more of a candid & natural way vs. completely posed, although you most likely will still get those facing the camera posed shots, but won't be as carefully posed and styled as a traditional photographer would set up.

*Note: the shot above was captured during the family formal posed portraits- in between the actual posed shot.

A true lifestyle photographer is able to direct the clients in a way that ends up looking natural and fun.. sometimes by being a goof & cracking a not so funny joke- or directing the clients in a way which may be somewhat awkward yet not... yet still gets the clients to laugh.



It takes a well trained, well director who knows how to pose any and everyone and who pays close attention to detail type of photographer to be a really good traditional wedding photographer. This style of photography will take much more time and patience for the set up of posing each shot. Although this style will still capture some candid aw well as details, most of the shots will be carefully posed and with everyone looking at the camera, or the bride in her wedding dress with the train laid out to perfection. This type of photographer most likely will have 1 if not 2 assistants working with them to get every detail and shot list done right.

*Note: the shot above is as close as I shoot to traditional- I am not a very traditional photographer, so the details aren't as precise as a true traditional photographer would take.

(you'll find out more about my style near the bottom of this page)

A true traditional wedding photographer will know how to pose you in the most flattering way with paying great attention to details as well as the technical equipment - which most likely will be a lot of equipment like those large photography lights etc. and will have a detailed shot list.



Most all photographers are artistic and will have a flare of the beauty artistry in their own work as they photograph your day, however a true artistic approach will almost always be completely different than any other type of style. With this style, you will get dramatic lighting, different angles, non-traditional poses and eloquent images.

*Note: the shot above was actually in the moment as I was the opportunity to grab the couple and get this shot with the beautifully blue sky and moon with the fun angle and lines of the buildings.. so as not completely set up.

A true artistic style wedding photographer will go to some great lengths and heights to set up and get the most artistic poses/lines/lighting in each shot.



The vintage style of photography is more of a look than the way they shoot. If you like a certain style of photography (examples of some styles I listed above) then you can find a photographer that shoots in your favorite style and then ask them if they know how to get the vintage look, then ask to see some examples better yet an entire album if possible so you know what you'll be getting... vintage is all about the hazy light, higher grain, low contrast and sometimes a blur or slightly out of focus. It is more accomplished in post production, although a good vintage style photographer will also know how to make use of the light, as well as settings and even lens filters on their own camera. Not all light and settings in camera will give this look, so a knowledgeable and informed post production photographer will also know how to get the entire album looking vintage via post production.

The photojournalist, lifestyle, and even artistic style photographers will more so know how and have experience in getting the vintage look more so than the traditional wedding photographer.

*Note: the shot above has a vintage feel due to the use of light and neutral tones taken in this unedited photo.

A true vintage style photographer will know how to use both the light/camera settings & filters as well as post-processing techniques.

To Sum it up





My Style~


Photojournalism with a twist~

My style will have a well rounded feel and look to the documentation of your day or photoshoot as it unfolds. With minimal direction and as discreet as possible, you won't even know I am there, other than to step in at appropriate and certain times to give some direction if it means a better overall shot without disrupting your moment.

I capture real moments as they happen.

I will, however give some direction during any portrait session (this includes the bride & groom as well as wedding party photos during the wedding day.

For more questions regarding how I will capture you and your photo shoot or wedding please feel free to ask!

For more insight as to my style, see a more detailed list below..

..and be sure check out my galleries!

More details about my style~


I would definitely have to say that I am the most talented in the photojournalism approach, as I see and capture moments, real, raw emotional moments. Tears of joy, a passionate kiss, a flower girl picking her nose, yes it happens more times than you think and it adds sweet humor , and although I'm not completely just a quiet observer documenting in a hands-off/non verbal approach... my style includes these other approaches as well:


I will shoot Lifestyle as needed, and if I see a better light, say by a window as the bride is getting ready, for example, I will ask her to move to that spot and then I will step back for the photojournalism approach so the moments I capture will have unfolded in a natural way but in the better light or location in the room.


I will take the couple, for example and document them interacting naturally by giving some direction while walking, talking.. stopping for a kiss or whisper in the ear.

My style here is lifestyle mixed with photojournalism during the couple shoot, wedding party and family shots but I will take a few traditional posed pictures because those are a nice touch to the overall story.

*Note: There are many other more talented traditional photographers out there that would take more time to pose you as well as know exactly where to place each person for the posed shots than my approach, but I do know how to and have a lot of weddings under my belt (over 25) in which I have done so, it's just not completely the way I naturally shoot.


I do tend to take some artistic shots that most likely occur naturally, unless I see a great opportunity and sometimes ask the couple for a shot in the moonlight, or sunset or in a cool rustic architectural building etc..

if I see the moment, I don't like to pass those up as they are so cool and add an element to your gallery that stands out as unique and special just for you.


I am starting to transition into more of accepting requests via vintage style at an extra charge, so if you are interested in this overall look, please request this before the final booking, as there will be an extra cost for this style. If you don't choose to order this ahead of time, there is still a possibility to order some or all of them afterward. The post-production vintage takes a little more time for each individual image, as each one was shot in different light and will take longer to get each image to have the same vintage look. If you aren't sure you want this as your main overall look, you may still be able to purchase some of your favorite portraits in the vintage look.